Company Profile

COKeM is the most successful, influential and innovative distribution service company in the video game and accessory industries. COKeM continues to expand its capabilities, providing full-service distribution, fulfillment and 3PL services for a wide array of industries and across many product categories. COKeM’s success is driven by aspiration to be the best with a continued focus on delivering results the right way. We operate responsibly, execute with excellence, and utilize innovative technologies to drive COKeM’s overall mission – to have fun while being the best.

Management Team

A team of overachievers, with a true, unifying quality — a solid work ethic — leads COKeM. They believe in solving problems, taking on every challenge and managing the company with an exceptional amount of pride.

Paul Eibeler
Chairman of the Board

Julianne Turk
Vice President of Finance

Joe Rehak
Vice President Operations